My Best Career Insights

I’ve written extensively about the lessons that I’ve learned in digital marketing and entrepreneurship over my career. Here, I’ve categorized my best findings into buckets to make it more straightforward to find what you’re looking for.

My Best Insights on Building/Running a Business

  1. Lessons from 7 Years of Building a Marketing Agency
  2. [2023 Podcast Interview] The Blueprint of a Successful Agency with Pat Ahern
  3. [2023 Podcast Interview] How Ecommerce Businesses Can Get Started with Content Marketing
  4. The 3 Most Important Traits You’re Overlooking in Hiring
  5. How to Consistently Find the Right Employee for the Job
  6. [2022 Podcast Interview] How We Built a Sustainable Agency Through Focusing on Systemization
  7. [2022 Interview] My Backstory + Lessons I’ve Learned from 6 Failed Businesses
  8. [2021 Interview] My Backstory + Key Takeaways from the First 27 Years of Life
  9. The Framework that I Lived By to Successfully Grow My Side Business into My Career
  10. How to Make a Successful Affiliate Website (Step-By-Step)
  11. [2019 Podcast Interview] Empowering The World’s Top Freelancers
  12. [2023 Transcribed Interview] The Intersection of SEO and the Human Experience

My Best Insights on Content Marketing and SEO

Introduction to Complex Concepts and Beginner’s Guides

  1. SEO FAQs: The Most Common Questions that I Get About SEO
  2. What is a Backlink?
  3. 5+ Simple Link Building Techniques for Scaling Search Rankings
  4. Google Penalty Recovery: Common Google Penalties And How to Fix Them
  5. The 7 Biggest Content Marketing Mistakes that Cost Businesses Thousands

Should You Invest in SEO and Content Marketing?

  1. The 13 Unique Benefits of Content Marketing
  2. What’s the ROI of SEO?
  3. How Blogging Results in New Sales for Your Business
  4. Should I Hire a Digital Marketing Agency (or In-House Marketer)?
  5. 9 Essential Questions to Ask When Hiring an SEO Company

Strategies and Theories for Advanced Content Marketing and SEO

  1. The 4 Components of a Successful Content Strategy
  2. [2023 Podcast] How the Top 1% of Content Marketers Build Content Strategies
  3. Your Keyword Research Process is Failing You
  4. Dual Purpose Content: The Content Framework that You’re Missing
  5. The Ecommerce Content Marketing Strategy that Builds Industry Leaders
  6. How to Find and Fill a Content Gap for SEO and UX
  7. 9 Actionable SEO Techniques to Boost Your Search Rankings
  8. How the Best Ecommerce Businesses Drive More Sales with Content Marketing
  9. Our 9-Step Website Migration Process for SEOs to Live By
  10. My 7-Step Guide to Build a Successful Content Strategy
  11. [Podcast] Busting SEO Myths, Blogging, and Content Marketing Strategies with Pat Ahern
  12. [2023 Podcast Interview] Reshaping SEO Beyond Traditional Keywords

Other Digital Marketing Insights

  1. How to Build a Strategic Marketing Plan
  2. SEO vs. PPC: Where Should CMOs Invest in a Recession?
  3. 10x Your Product Launch Effectiveness With These 5 Proven Viral Marketing Techniques