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Twitter Growth Management Service

Twitter is one of the most undervalued lead generation tools available to businesses. After years of working with startups, I've developed a system to introduce your brand to thousands of qualified Twitter prospects each month, and mastered the art of Twitter management.

This service was specifically designed for businesses with that lack the resources to manage their Twitter profile internally, and can't afford to pay an agency thousands of dollars to do it for them. I will help your team to generate thousands of targeted prospects each month, while also managing your entire Twitter profile, which typically results in a 10-15% monthly growth in Twitter followers.

Monthly Cost: $500

Weekly cost: $125

What does this buy?

This service will provide your business with the following:

  • Twitter Lead Generation - Introduce your brand to 1,500-3,000 targeted Twitter prospects per month.
  • Twitter Content Management - Posting of 10-15 relevant industry articles to your account over the course of each week.
  • Call to Action Development - Help your team to establish a clear, call to action to drive new Twitter followers to your site.

Just interested in lead generation? Then come explore my Twitter Lead Generation service.