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How to Acquire Your First Thousand Twitter Followers

As you stare down at the screen, feelings of disdain resurface. You assure yourself that it just needs more time, but 3 months later, your Twitter following has only grown to 651.

This was my situation one year ago. Does it resonate with you? I spent 2-3 hours a day trying to boost my Twitter following for an entire summer. Throughout that time, my following grew from 430 to 651, and by the end of it, I was about ready to give up on Twitter. 

Acquiring your first thousand Twitter followers is crucial to the perceived legitimacy of your business. Unfortunately, it’s not easy to do without buying a fake following, which will not bring you any additional engagement, and is likely to get your Twitter account banned. There are, however, 4 things that you can do to drastically enhance your Twitter following and engagement. As I write this, I have 1,338 Twitter followers, and now spend a fraction of the time on Twitter that I did a year ago. I owe my success in generating my first thousand Twitter followers and beyond to the following 4 tasks.

1.  Write an Engaging Twitter Bio

When someone encounters your Twitter handle, your bio is one of the first things that they will see. Take some time to write an engaging bio that summarizes your value as an individual or a company, and offers something that your target customer will want – i.e. why should they follow you?

2.  Profile Picture with a Good Background Photo

I’ve seen far too many people use iStock photos as their Twitter profile picture, and personally I think that it takes away from your profile’s legitimacy. For your profile photo, use either a personal headshot or an image of the company logo. As for the background photo, I suggest either using your company’s full logo or an image of your entire team in the office.

 Bad example of Twitter profile picture

Bad example of Twitter profile picture

3.  Tweet Regularly – And at Peak Times

One of the best ways to build a Twitter following is to post valuable content on a regular basis – I usually suggest 1-2 times every day. With these posts, be sure to follow the 80/20 rule: share your own content no more than 20% of the time, and spend the other 80% of the time sharing valuable content that others have created. As for when to post, a recent study showed that the best time for B2B businesses to Tweet is weekdays at 12pm and 6pm.

4.  Mass Follow Others

This, when combined with the other 3 elements, is what will cause your Twitter following to explode. Why is this? Because anywhere between 20-50% of the accounts that you follow will follow you back. 3 days later, look for the account that did not follow you back, and unfollow them.

Start by identifying 3-4 words or phrases that relate to your target audience, and follow people who are Tweeting about these keywords. As a general rule, those with a new account can safely follow up to 100 Twitter accounts each day. For those with more established accounts, I would recommend following no more than 200 Twitter account each day. Please be warned, the accounts that are caught doing this will receive a warning from Twitter, and will then be banned if they continue to do this.

Over time, I found that manually following 50-100 accounts every day was far too time-consuming, so I developed a system to do this for me. If building your Twitter following, while also introducing your brand to thousands of targeted prospects is important to you, then I would suggest exploring my Twitter lead generation service


all the best,

pat ahern