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Why SEO is Important

I began my marketing career several years ago as an inbound marketing analyst for a student marketing company named Edvisors. Prior to this time, the idea of spending thousands of dollars on an SEO seemed like a waste of money. It didn’t take me long to realize just how wrong I was.

Boosting your search engine ranking is like moving a back-alley pizza shop to the center of Times Square.


SEO is short for search engine optimization, or a series of techniques used to improve a website's organic search rankings. To put it simply, SEO is a series of strategies to help your site rank higher on search engines like Google or Yahoo, so that more people in need of your product or service will discover your website when they search for it. Taking an offline example, boosting your search engine ranking is like moving a back-alley pizza shop to the center of Times Square.


Why SEO is Important

“Ok Pat,” you might be thinking, “that’s great, but there are other ways for people to discover my site.” That’s true, but a study conducted by Conductor in June 2013 revealed that almost half – 47% – of all website traffic originates from organic search. Another study, conducted by Search Engine Watch showed that the websites that rank on the first page of a Google search result will receive over 90% of the search traffic for that keyword search, with the first result receiving approximately 32.5% of all search traffic for that keyword search. Websites that appear after the first page, in comparison, receive less than half of a percent of traffic for a specific search term.

Let’s return to the pizza shop example. While loyal customers will return to your back-alley pizza shop, few will accidentally come across it. However, improving the location of your pizza shop has the potential to DOUBLE the total number of visitors that your shop receives – plus, optimizing your website is definitely cheaper than moving your shop to Times Square. That’s all for now, but in the midst of your search for an SEO analyst, you should also explore the 5 fundamentals of SEO.


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